Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's time I introduce one of the members of the first ever 100 Proof Press Design Team.

We got the big, I mean big, order out the door.  It was crazy stamp-making time around 100 Proof Press the past 12 days.  But now we're back to our "regular" way of life.  And I have been wanting to do this post for about week - I am so excited to introduce  the first member of 100 Proof Press's design team! Many of you are familiar with her energetic work, and she might even be how you found our blog. . . Now presenting, Jennifer Ingle and her Thimble Fairy!
Tiny Thimble Fairy by Jennifer Ingle
Jennifer showed some creativity and imagination when she came up with this cutie.  She used image #1931, the waving doll.  If you would like more details about the creation of this little fairy, visit Jennifer's blog, Just Jingle.  I look forward to sharing more of Jennifer's projects with you & introducing the other four members of the Design Team.


  1. woooooo hoooooooo for Jennifer...that girl rocks the stamps:)

  2. So pretty! i love how you create the flower petal with wings! And adding glitter!