Hot Rubber

Find out what images are hot off the vulcanizer this week!

vulcanize: to harden rubber by combining it with sulfur or other substances in the presence of heat and pressure.  Vulcanization gives rubber strength, resistance, and elasticity.

Big Cutie Baby
image #6235

Clown Hat
image #5744

Spooking in a Nightshirt 
Image # 5619 Boo!

Flying Bat
image #4318

Magic Belt Muscle Man
Image Number 3033

Swan Dive
image #5148

Large Strawberry
image # 572 YUM!

Fancy Umbrella - some might call it a parasol
image 2819 S

         Diagramed Head
image # 996

Mason Jar
image # 3707

Leaf Boat with Fairies
Image #5518

a dogwood blossom image #3815
to see a beautiful piece of art using this stamp click here

a bird cage image # 2010
image #2010

on the vulcanizer today is image # 5017 the handsome hares 

these hares are hot!  we mean HOT!  

this week we have image # 5945 letter A diagram
image number 5954